Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Little Man

The little man is doing well. I am trying to upload the ultra-sound pictures but I have them in a PDF format and the blog is not letting me upload them. I will have to re-scan them this weekend here at home and I will post them then. Leslie is doing well and the baby has a new found love of kicking her. I keep telling the baby that he is allowed to kick her because his daddy can't.

We have another ultra-sound appointment on Tuesday the 14th because there is a 2 week difference between when the Dr. thinks Little Turbo (his current nickname) and when the ultra-sound predicts he will be born.

Leslie and I are still not any closer to naming him. I just keep referring to him as Thomas Sterling Greene Mills, Jr and hopefully Leslie will get so tired of it she will finally just accept it.

Leslie created a gift registry at Babies R Us and at Target. I was not allowed to register at the Mercedes dealership, but if anybody would like to go buy me a new Mercedes, any make and model is fine.

We have already started to buy diapers now that we know what he is. Some of the best advice that we have received so far is to go ahead and buy diapers now. We are buying different sizes every time we go to the store.

Leslie and I have also started the process of looking for a day care. It really hadn't crossed my mind until somebody told us how ridiculously long the wait lists can be for a good day care. I had been planning on just getting one of those hamster bottles and filling it with milk each day and leaving him in the crib... apparently that is not a good idea.

I will try to post the pictures this weekend.

Still waiting on that x-box that Little Turbo asked for.........