Monday, March 8, 2010

More Pictures.....finally

So.... Hi... I still have this blog thingy, I haven't forgotten about it. Leslie finally went through and added all the photos and now I have to do the typing. Maybe one day she will learn how to type.

Sterling has made some big milestones. First, he started sitting up on his own and rolling over about a month ago. He has been rolling over with "help" for a couple of months, but for about a month now he has been able to do it on his own. Second, he can walk as long as you balance him. He loves to walk across the floor. Third, he started eating vegetables, and he hates them.

We baptized Sterling in Charleston a couple weekends ago. We did a double baptism with his cousin, my niece, Anna Grace. I will post pictures of that soon. I didn't take any so I have to steal everybody else's pictures off of facebook.

Happy Sterling

Don't Shoot!

Sterling learning to sit up!!

Me no likey green beans!

Sterling is trying to walk!

He FINALLY rolled over around 5 1/2 months!

The next time I post a blog Sterling will probably be getting his drivers license, but I will post again...eventually.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Day

We have gotten a little bit of snow the past few days. Saturday morning we decided to put Sterling in a snow suit that Leslie's Mom got us. He wasn't a huge fan of it, but that is the sacrifice babies make so that their parents can take pictures of them. Here are a few of him in the snow.

As you can see he wasn't really a fan of snow yet. Here are a few more pictures of the snow around our house.

Sterling has moved from just eating milk and formula to eating one round of baby food each day. We still put it in a bottle, but then we also spoon feed him.

The temperatures have been really cold the last week. A typical day is a high in the lower 20's with temperatures in the lower teens to upper single digits. We have to really make sure that little man stays warm.

I am going to be in a wedding this weekend and Sterling will be staying with Leslie's mom so I may not have time to blog next weekend but I will post something again soon.