Sunday, May 31, 2009

Houston We Have a Nursery.... Well Kinda

This weekend Leslie and I finally were able to work on the nursery. We have been out of town the previous two weekends so it was nice to finally get some work done. Before I go too much into detail on the nursery I will explain where we have been. Two weekends ago two very nice friends of ours Harrison and Beth were married in Knoxville. It was great going back to Knoxville and meeting up with friends that we have not seen in a very long time. While at the wedding we made sure to grab a picture of Leslie and Ashley Moneyhun. Ashley and I went to high school together and her and her husband are having a baby boy in August as well. Here is a picture.

Here is a picture of me and a few old friends from the wedding. Ashley's husband Jay is on the far left.

Last weekend Leslie and I drove to my parents house in St. Simon's Island, Georgia. I was surprised at how well Leslie did in the car. We didn't leave until after work on Friday afternoon and did not arrive until 3 in the morning. Leslie was able to sleep for a few hours in the car which helped the trip go by faster for her. We had a great weekend of walking on the beach and just relaxing. That will be our last big trip until the baby is born.

OK, onto the nursery. Here is what the room looked like before we began.

It's an ugly yellow, we know! That was the color of the room when we moved in and we never painted it.

The theme to our nursery is helicopters and airplanes. The bedding is blue and green so we took the bedding to Home Depot so they could match the paint for us to paint the walls. We have a border that separates the two colors, the blue being the sky and the green being the ground.

We painted the blue on Saturday and decided to call it a day and go to the pool so Leslie could cool down a bit. Sunday we finished painting the green.

The border is going to go right where the two colors meet and obviously we have to wait for the paint to dry before we put it up. Once we put the border up it will really tie the room together.

As far as furniture goes we still only have one piece. We have apparently picked a popular design and the crib and armoire are still on back order. We do have the dresser though and here is what it looks like.

Hopefully the rest of the furniture will come in soon or else my baby could be cribless!

And finally here is a picture of Leslie's belly at 27 weeks 2 days.

It's still really tiny! She is still running a 2-3 miles per day.
I will post more pictures of the nursery once we put the border up and then once we finally get the furniture.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Update!

So I know I am terrible at this blog thingy. I know that I will get much better at it once I can post pictures of the baby. A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks so here is a random run down of what I have failed to update.

Leslie and I did agree on a name, I don't think I have shared that yet. We have finally compromised on allowing me to name him Thomas Sterling Greene Mills, Junior. We will call him Sterling. Leslie finally agreed to do this with the following compromise; the next child we have she gets to 100% with no input from me decide on the name. It doesn't matter if she wants to name him/her Aardvark Mills, I have to love it. My response, I got my baby boy named after me, that can be her kid!

Today Leslie and I went to the Dr. and after consulting the 2 ultra-sounds that we have had the Dr. has decided to push our due date back from August 14th to August 27th. Leslie is absolutely thrilled the baby gets to stay inside of her an extra two weeks during the hottest part of the summer.

Leslie and I finally were able to sell her Civic. It took us about 2 months. As mentioned in a previous blog I sold my Civic and bought an Xterra. After selling Leslie's we bought a very nice Honda Accord from my mother. She was ready for a new car and decided to sell us the Accord so she could go buy a new one. It worked out perfectly! She drove it up to Nashville this past Friday and it is an amazing car and we are very thankful that this situation worked out so well. Leslie and I both had 2 door Civics and while the gas mileage was amazing, trying to put a baby in the backseat of a two door just was not practical at all!

Over the weekend one of the pieces of the furniture that we have registered for arrived. I am very happy to have an SUV now because luckily for me the unit came fully assembled! We received the combo unit. It is a dresser/changing table. The Armoire and the crib are on back order and we may not be able to receive it until the end of May.

I have been really terrible at trying to get the pictures of the ultra-sound to upload. I have them in PDF and apparently the blogger thingy doesn't like PDF's. I could hook up our scanner to the computer, but that would require a little bit more effort by my part. Also, my man room is where the scanner is, and pretty much half of my house is plugged into the electrical sockets in my man room and I am scared of fire. Just being honest.

So not only did I write this blog, I also posted a small blog of pictures from our London Weekend below, you get 2 for 1.

Also, I still have the Trans-AM... and I still love it.

Trip to London...Kentucky

The last weekend of April Leslie, her brother Wynn, his wife Lindsay, their two and a half year old Brody, and myself traveled to London, Kentucky to visit Leslie's dad. I called this trip Redneck Weekend. For the most part our weekend consisted of riding ATV's and shooting guns. Leslie did more of the pregnant woman approach and pretty much did none of the above... good call by her. Here are some pictures from that weekend.

Warning: Below Picture May Cause Extreme Intimidation, Viewer Discretion is Advised

The trick is to stick your booty out as far as you can before you shoot.

Brody and I locked in a giant birdcage, a.k.a, Jail.

We had a great weekend and we are hoping to go back to London sometime in June.