Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's A Boy!

Yesterday Leslie and I had our first ultrasound downtown at Vanderbilt Women's Imaging Center. I was really nervous because I was really wanting it to be a boy. The woman running the ultrasound kept us in suspense for about 5 minutes before letting us know that it was a boy. It was really amazing seeing the baby move around, he was constantly moving around. At one point he waved his hand in front of his face as if he was waving at us. We also had a 3D ultrasound done, but it wasn't as clear as the regular 2D one. The Dr. told us that usually the 3D works best after 30 weeks.

We aren't really sure when the due date is now. The due date originally given to us was August 14th, but the ultrasound predicted that Leslie would be due August 27th. Leslie and I go back to the Dr. on Tuesday and our Dr. will look at the results from the ultrasound and decide on whether or not to move the due date. Because there is a 2 week difference we are pretty certain that it will at least be pushed back a week.

Now, all Leslie and I have to do is decide on a name. I am really pushing for Thomas Sterling Greene Mills, Junior, and Leslie is really pushing for me not give our baby 5 names. I don't think this is something we are going to settle any time soon.

We did go to the grocery store this morning and bought diapers. Some of the best advice that we have received so far was to buy diapers every time we buy groceries. So even though we have no idea what to buy exactly we went and bought some. I will update again on Tuesday after our next appointment, for now it's off to Babies R Us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 27th

March 27th is when Leslie and I will find out the sex of the thingy. We went to the Dr. last week and everything appears to be normal. We heard the heart beat again, and this time it was much stronger and we could hear it a lot easier. Sorry for the quick and short post but things have been busy. I will post again as soon as we know something.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am a Hero

Yesterday Leslie and I had to spend our day looking for a new oven. The reason we had to buy a new oven is because our old one caught on fire. Leslie was pre-heating the oven to cook breakfast while I was taking a shower. The next thing I know she comes in yelling at me to help because the oven is on fire. I am in the shower where it's warm so I calmly tell her to just turn the oven off... apparently that wasn't a good answer. I grab a towel and run through the house to find there is a nice little flame in the oven. I simply close the oven door and the fire loses its oxygen and goes out. I then looked at Leslie and said we need a new oven and ran back to the shower because Leslie had the back door open to let the smoke out and I was freezing. We were successful at buying a new oven and it's being delivered on Wednesday.

Now, I haven't had a chance to talk about the things that bug me in a while so I am overdo. Firstly, I hate that girls have really big purses. What are you storing in there? I park at LP field, where the Tennessee Titans play, and then a shuttle picks me up and drives me a mile or so downtown to my building. A lot of people park here and so the shuttles are often very crowded. The other day this girl who probably weighed about 90 pounds comes walking on the shuttle with a purse that weighed probably 200 pounds and sat down next to me. This little girl took up 2 and a half seats just by herself. I almost fell off my seat when she sat down next to me. I have no idea what you girls need all that room for, if she had a fire extinguisher I could have used it yesterday.

Also, speaking of the shuttle I hate how people talk on their cell phones on it. I am one of those people that doesn't like for everybody around me to know my business. Unfortunately that is not the case for about 90 percent of the world today. People love to talk so loudly that the whole trolley now knows that "Wanda" ate something bad at lunch and needs some pepto. Gross.

On a exciting note Leslie and I have our next Dr.'s appointment on Wednesday. She is 16 weeks and we should have our first ultrasound. I assume that we will get some pictures and I will post those on Tuesday. Until then.