Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We Are Pregnant!

Yes, it's true, Leslie and I are having a baby. Well Leslie is having the baby, I am just there to support her and look handsome. Sorry I haven't posted in a while but we have known for a little over a week but wanted to wait until the Doctor confirmed that we were indeed having a baby. I just couldn't think of anything to write about other than the fact we are having a baby.

Leslie is still pretty early into it, probably less than a month. The doctor said the due date is August 14, but that will probably change a little once we actually have some ultrasounds.

So I know what you all are thinking... Are you going to sell the Trans Am? Well, surprisingly Leslie doesn't want me to, but I think I will. I think it's hilarious that Leslie actually wants me to keep it. I thought she would be so happy for me to get rid of that little slice of heaven. We are still debating, but who knows. I do have to buy a new car though, both of us have 2 door Honda civics, and that just wont work with having a baby in the back seat.

So now this blog will turn into a baby blog I suppose. Leslie and I will write, well I will write when Leslie yells at me to write, when we know more facts about the baby. I feel sorry for this baby because I am going to want to play with the toys more than the baby will. The toys these kids have today are ridiculously fun. My baby is going to hate me because it wont be able to play with the super high powered GI Joe with kung fu grip, because daddy will be playing with it. He/she will just have to save up and buy his/her own.

Oh, in case you are interested the baby has already asked for an XBOX 360 so please go ahead and send one, ya know so I can get warmed up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ok, I don't want to have to talk about this again, but I will. Why do people have to talk to me in elevators? As mentioned previously, I spend a good portion of my day walking to different offices, so therefore I spend a lot of my day on elevators. I was walking onto an elevator yesterday with a delivery man. He then just starts to tell me how he dislocated his shoulder the previous day and how he popped it back into place all by himself. He told me how he tripped and fell and just knocked it right out, so he stood up and just pushed it back in. What did I do to deserve this? He was telling me all about the pain that he suffered, but said he was feeling much better because he rubbed it down with Ben Gay.

I really think I should just publish a book about elevator stories, because I have another good story. When I was returning to my office, after riding the elevator with Mr. Ben Gay, I turned the corner in my building lobby to take the elevator up to my floor. There were two gentlemen in front of me who had just gone to buy some lunch and were bringing it back to their offices. The gentlemen were about to get on the elevator when the doors started to close. To keep the doors from closing one of the men quickly thrusted his arm between the doors to keep them from closing. What he didn't think about was the bag of food in his hands so when he thrusted his arm out he threw his food all over the elevator. Let me tell you, spaghetti is messy in an elevator.

So I'm sitting here watching some girl from the band Danity Kane sing the Star Spangled Banner before the start of the Colts Jaguars game. Who exactly gets to decide how to sing our National Anthem, because every time I hear it sung it sounds completely different? Shouldn't our National Anthem be sung the same way every time? You don't hear the Canadians drop a beat to play Oh Canada, it sounds exactly the same each and every time. In fact, this girl took so long to sing the National Anthem that the Fly Over was about 30 seconds too early.... sorry I just passed out for a few minutes and the girl is still singing the last note.

So Christmas is almost here and it's going to be a very busy time. My parents are coming in this weekend to visit (hi mom, hi dad I know you read this so I have to behave). Then next week Leslie's Brother and roomate are coming to spend Christmas with us. I will do my best to write when I can. I know that about 3 people read my blog so I want to keep you 3 people happy.

One quick joke before I go. Why did Tigger have his head in the toilet?

He was looking for Poo!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

So, We Suvived

We suvived the snow. Leslie and I were a couple hours late to work on Friday, but I didn't mind. Here are a few pictures that we took before work on Friday morning.

There is actually a little bit of snow left on the ground that hasn't melted, but for the most part it's gone. Enough about snow.

Today I had some work done on the Trans-Am. I had new tires put on, as well as a few other little things. It's nice to know that I can drive the car without having to worry about one of the tires exploding. I don't think I am going to do anything else to the car until Spring time. That's all for now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Wow, it took me two hours to get home from work today. Apparently it decided to snow around 4 o'clock and it hasn't stopped yet. There is probably about 3 inches on the ground.

Yes, snow is very pretty, but for some reason down south when it starts snowing everybody turns retarded. Everybody forgets how to drive and just decides to park in the middle of the interstate. People freak out as if massive Giants with Dandruff are coming to attack. It's not hard, it's called driving, you push the gas and the car goes forward. Up North when it starts to snow people drive. They get up the next day and they drive to work. It doesn't matter if there is 14 feet of snow, schools are in session. Down south if you mention the word snow the local Wal-Mart is packed with half the town buying canned goods, batteries and bottled water. The other day one of the adjoining counties to Nashville cancelled school due to weather. The forecast was sunny with a high of 45. Apparently somebody saw some ice at midnight.

I think the most frustrating was when I waited 55 minutes to travel down a road with backed up traffic only to find out that the reason that it was taking so long is that there was a hill. Wow, a hill people. Yeah, maybe we should all be scared of the hill. Let's just park our cars and walk home.

There are two types of drivers when it snows. Those who drive cautiously and those that are experienced at driving and decide they don't need to slow down. I am driving down a very steep hill, I have put my car in 2nd gear to help slow the car down and to keep the tires from slipping, and there is a car riding my bumper. I thought wow this guy must know how to drive, so when we got to the bottom of the hill I slammed on my breaks, so the guy behind me swerved and crashed. I then got out of the car and said, man, you need to be more careful. Then I drove off...that'll show him.

I think that absolute worst part was when I left work at 5:15 I did not have to go to the bathroom, at 6:15 I did, at 7:30 I was notifying all the drivers in my caravan not to drink the yellow snow.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Is it really almost Christmas? The calendar says yes, although I am not ready to admit it. For the first time in my life I am just not ready for it. Maybe it's the commercialism of Christmas. I was at Wal-Mart before Halloween and they were already playing Christmas music. Christmas music in October, absolutely ridiculous.

When I was growing up my family didn't start listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. That was the magic day, no Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I try to follow that tradition today, but this year I am having trouble. Even though Leslie and I already have our Christmas tree up and decorated, stockings hung from the mantle and presents under the tree, I still don't want to listen to it. I tried to listen to it today on the way home from work today, but no and I think I know why. I don't like all the versions of music out there today. There is no such thing as just Jingle Bells anymore. There is Jingle Bells as performed by Elvis, N'SYNC, Ricky Martin, Kelly Pickler, Carrie Underwood, Puff Daddy, Tupac, Scooby Doo sings Jingle Bells, and everybody's favorite Sadaam's Christmas Jingle Bell Spectacular. Everybody that can humm a note thinks they can sing Christmas music so they record a Christmas album. For the love of all things Christmas, please write your favorite singer and tell them that if they release a Christmas song they will have to jump off a cliff. Can't we all just listen to the original version released 50 years ago? Is it really that bad? Don't even get me started on Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas album or the barking dogs sing jingle bells.

On a brighter note as mentioned in a previous blog I used to be a fan of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but have since been mad about all the "Broadway" singing that is featured on today's parade. I did watch it this year and see that I had options. One channel on my TV guide said "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" and it featured all the stupid singing, but there was a another channel that only listed the parade as "Christmas Parade." This Christmas Parade was the Macy's parade and it actually showed the balloons. I didn't even see the stupid singing or the Macon Bacon marching band. They must have read my blog...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving, and I also wanted to show you my turkey, what do you think?

Monday, November 24, 2008


I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. I guess once you graduate school the time just passes by more quickly. In college I would have a whole month for Christmas break. Now I work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. Where's the fun in that?

Anyway... I used to love Thanksgiving. I have spent every Thanksgiving in my hometown of Charleston, SC except for my first year of marriage. Now, for the second time in three years I will be unable to go to Charleston.

Thanksgiving day is just not what it used to be anymore. I used to have the same tradition growing up. I would wake up and my mom would make cinnamon rolls and then I would watch the Macy's Day parade. That parade used to be awesome. Who didn't love seeing Sonic the Hedgehog, Tom the Turkey, and all the other balloons? Then Santa would show up, probably drunk, but he kept waving to the crowd. Then somewhere through the years they focused less on the balloons and more on the "Broadway" acts. Who cares about those people jumping around in their little costumes?

By the way I think the worst image that has been engraved in my memory was when the TV station interviewed Richard Simmons. You know that little outfit that he wears? Well it was like 20 degrees that day, and all he was wearing was his little costume. Gross, I think I just threw up...

Anyway, It seems like the bulk of the parade is now just people singing and of course you have the marching bands. I know that these students have to raise a lot of money to get there, but I don't care about watching the Macon, Georgia High School Fighting Bacon Marching Band. I want to see Big Bird and Garfield floating down the street. Instead I see Miley Cyrus and the Jonas brothers lip sync.

By the way, another awkward moment, I had a friend growing up tell me that he thought the middle Hanson sister was hot. I had to inform him that she was in fact he, and that we were no longer friends.

So this year for Thanksgiving I will be staying in town and going to a couple of Leslie's relatives houses. Eating, drinking... hopefully mostly drinking my way to a happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am Boring...

Apparently I don't have a lot to talk about this week. Usually something happens on a daily basis that seems to hit on one of my pet peeves but I guess society decided to take it easy on me this past week. Since I don't have a lot to talk about I decided I would post some of my favorite pictures that I have taken. I mentioned in a previous post that photography has really started to interest me. Take a look at these photos.

These are pictures that I took while Leslie and I were in Hawaii. One thing that does impress me is that these pictures were taken before we bought our nice new camera. Not bad for a little handheld camera.

Hopefully I will have something interesting tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I just watched a commercial that featured Ipod Nano's using the bathroom all over the place. I don't understand marketing companies. I constantly watch commercials and think, WTF? Apple usually has good commercials, but this one I just don't get. Here, have a look.


You See!! Right at the end of the commercial it's as if the IPOD's get so scared they just pee, and it's gross.

Something else happened to me today that I don't like. People talk to me in elevators. I don't mind talking to you if I know you, but I'm not a fan of when strangers start to talk, unless you look like Carrie Underwood and I will talk to you, alot...

I was getting on an elevator and another gentleman was in there too. After the doors close and we start to move he looks at me and says "how's it going?" I responded with "fine thanks." Apparently that didn't satisfy Mr Small Talk as he then said "It's cold outside, huh?" Of course it's cold outside it's why I'm wearing my OJ Simpson gloves, I don't wear them because I was a fan of his.

Don't get me wrong, I am a friendly person, but I just don't like awkward situations. They say that a crowded elevator is the quietist place on Earth. Apparently this is not the case.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Is it Summer Yet?

I hate cold weather. I grew up at the beach and even though I have been in Tennessee for 10 years, I still don't like the weather. Today it was in the mid 40's and I felt like I was naked in the South Pole, how's that for a mental image? I guess the only good thing about the change in seasons is that it plays into a new hobby of mine.

Recently Leslie and I purchased a really nice digital camera. When we were in Hawaii we just used our regular digital camera and we were dissapointed with some of the pictures. The camera itself is fine, but the pictures just didn't do the scenery justice. So now we have a new camera that I have abslutely no idea how to use. I mean yeah, you turn it on take a picture and BOOM there it is. But since this is a professional camera it can do just about everything, in fact I woke up last night and the camera was drinking a beer and watching Family Guy on the couch... weird. Anyway here are some pictures that I took yesterday while Leslie and I were walking the dogs.

Yeah, we thought about going to Home Depot or Bed, Bath and Beyond afterwards, but there was no time. It was a nice little Sunday. I was going to try to take the restrictor plate off the Trans Am, but that isn't exactly street legal.
Good Night,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Blog

So I started a blog. Why not? Everybody else I know has a blog. Mostly these people have a reson to blog. They have children or they have a really interesting job. I mean where did Blog come from? It must mean something important. I guess it doesn't have to mean anything important. Blog, to me just sounds like I just got sick. I can imagine me going to a party and telling a friend, "Hey bud, I'm sorry but I just blog'd in your toilet and it smells really bad."

So I think a lot of my blog is going to consist of things that make me mad. For instance, I work in downtown Nashville. Everyday I see women walking around in their "buisness professional" clothes and tennis shoes. I mean really do you have to walk a whole two blocks to get your lunch in tennis shoes. If the shoes that you are wearing hurt you that bad why did you buy them? I guess I just don't understand. I have two pairs of shoes that I wear to work, a black pair and a brown pair. If I wear black pants I wear the black shoes. If I wear brown pants I wear the brown shoes. Does that makes sense? It does to me.

So I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I have 4 very important things in my life today. I am going to tell you those 4 things in reverse order just to make my wife, Leslie, mad. I just bought a 1984 Pontiac Trans Am. I am going to fix it up and make it look just like K.I.T.T. if you have to ask what's K.I.T.T then you smell bad. Here is the future K.I.T.T

I also have two dogs. I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Bailey. We got Bailey about a month before we got married so she has been with us for a little over two years. About 6 months ago, Leslie and I decided to go adopt another dog to keep Bailey company. So we went to a local shelter and adopted a doggy. We ended up adopting a Beagle that we named Mattie.

Yeah, they are cute. I guess the most important person that makes me happy is my wife Leslie. We have known each other for 6 years and she is great. Here is a picture of us.

So that's what I got so far. Don't worry, I see things that usually grind my gears on a daily basis so I will be sure to share them. I will also post pictures of my car as it goes through it's transitions. Bye