Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mostly Pictures

The past few weeks have been pretty great. We have ended Sterling's quarantine and he is now allowed to go wherever he wants, granted he can only go wherever we take him. He made his first trip to church, and he did great. Him and I both slept through the whole service and he didn't make a sound. He even spent the night out at Grandma's one night so that Leslie and I could go out with Leslie's brothers.

Little man is already a little over 12 pounds and as you can see by the pictures has absolutely no trouble gaining weight.

He is sleeping very well. We typically put him to bed around 10 at night and the last 3 or 4 nights he has been sleeping until about 4 AM without waking up. I am sure he will start sleeping through the night very soon.

I am keeping this one short, but I also wanted to say that we are WAY Behind on sending out Thank You Notes. As you can imagine we are a little behind on a lot of things so don't worry we haven't forgotten about all the nice gifts we have received. We are just trying to find the time to finish. We will also be mailing out a Birth Announcement very soon. Until next time.

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Sarah said...

He's gotten so much bigger and cuter!! Oh my goodness... thanks for putting up more pictures. He's grown so much in a month! Auntie Say is very proud! :)